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Authors’ Roundtable – I

December 2, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - December 2, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

DAKSH Centre of Excellence for Law and TechnologyIIT-Delhi

Curated Volume on technology and analytics for law and justice

Authors’ Roundtable – I

December 2, 2021
Time: 14:00 – 18:00 IST


  1. Dr. Nomesh Bolia, IIT-Delhi
  2. Mr. Surya Prakash B S, DAKSH India
  3. Ms. Leah Verghese, DAKSH India
  4. Mr. Soham Ghosh, DCoE
  5. Ms. Krishna Shah, DCoE
  6. Ms. Surbhi Bhatia, DCoE

14:00 – 14:05: Welcome by Dr. Nomesh Bolia and Mr. Surya Prakash B S

14:05 – 14:30: Mapping India’s law-tech landscape, DCoE, IIT-Delhi
Presentation by Ms. Krishna Shah and Ms. Surbhi Bhatia (DCoE)

14:30 – 16:00: Common Session
Moderated by: Mr. Surya Prakash B S & Ms. Surbhi Bhatia
1. Mr. Karan Gulati (NIPFP), Dr. Ajay Shah (Jindal Global University), Dr. KP Krishnan (ex-IAS): Discovering the path to process transformation of Indian courts
Discussant: Dr. Harish Narasappa (Co-Founder, DAKSH)
2. Dr. Sarayu Natarajan, Ms. Aishani Rai, Ms. Ava Haider (Aapti Institute): Sovereignty and financing of technology in justice
Discussant: Dr. Ajay Shah (Jindal Global University)
3. Mr. Suhas Tuljapurkar, Mr. Ishan Tuljapurkar (Legasis Services Pvt. Ltd.): Overview of legal-tech in law firms
Discussant: Mr. Snehil Basoya (CIIE.CO, IIM-Ahmedabad)
4. Ms. Supriya Sharma, Mr. Snehil Basoya and Ms. Shailaja Shukla (CIIE.CO, IIM-Ahmedabad): The promise of legal-tech startups
Discussant: All participants
5. Mr. Saikat Datta and Ms. Bavanisha Kalyan (Deepstrat): Technology and governance in the age of diminishing rights
Discussant: Ms. Vrinda Bhandari (Independent Legal Practitioner)

16:00 – 16:15: Coffee and tea break

16:15 – 17:30: Meeting room I: Contracts, legal education and law-making
Moderated by: Ms. Leah Verghese and Ms. Krishna Shah
1. Mr. Murali Neelakantan (Amicus), Dr. Ashish Kulkarni (Econ for Everybody): Incorporating technology and analytics in legal education
Discussant: Mr. Suhas Tuljapurkar (Legasis Services Pvt. Ltd.)
2. Dr. Geeta Oberoi (National Judicial Academy, Bhopal): Reimagining judicial training to build the ICT capacity of judges
Discussant: Ms. Keerthana Medarametla (AGAMI)
3. Ms. Prachee Mishra (PRS Legislative Research): Use of technology in legislative assemblies and standing committees
Discussant: Ms. Leah Verghese (DAKSH India)
4. Ms. Keerthana Medarametla, Mr. Sachin Malhan (AGAMI): How data and technology can enable population-scale citizen  agency to close the justice gap in India
Discussant: Dr. Sarayu Natarajan (Aapti Institute)
5. Mr. Nikhil Narendran (Trilegal): The smart contracts alternative
Discussant: All participants

16:15 – 17:30: Meeting room II: Courts and legal analytics
Moderated by: Dr. Nomesh Bolia and Ms. Surbhi Bhatia
1. Dr. Abhijnan Chakraborty (IIT-Delhi), Dr. Kripabandhu Ghosh (IISER Kolkata), Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh (IIT-Kharagpur),
Mr. Naksatra Kumar Bailung (IISER Kolkata), Mr. Aniket Deroy (IIT-Kharagpur): AI in legal data mining
       Discussant: Dr. Nomesh Bolia
2. Ms. Bhargavi Zaveri (National University, Singapore), Dr. Susan Thomas (xKDR Forum): Estimating capacity requirements for courts: notes from the field
       Discussant: Dr. Rangin Tripathy (National Law University, Odisha)
3. Mr. Joseph Pookkatt, Mr. Abhijeet Srivastava (APJ-SLG Law), Dr. Ashutosh Modi (IIT-Kanpur): Solving for scale – using AI & predictive analytics to improve justice delivery in India
Discussant: Dr. Abhijnan Chakraborty (IIT-Delhi)
4. Dr. Rangin Tripathy, Dr. Suman Dash Bhattamishra (National Law University, Odisha): Aiming for the rooftop: technology in court management and performance evaluation
Discussant: Ms. Bhargavi Zaveri (National University, Singapore)
5. Mr. Rakesh Yadav, Ms. Japnam Bindra (KPMG, India): Reducing judicial pendency in India by leveraging emerging technologies
Discussant: Dr. Susan Thomas (xKDR Forum)

16:15 – 17:30: Meeting room III: Law enforcement
Moderated by: Mr. Surya Prakash B S and Mr. Soham Ghosh
1. Mr. Douglas Daniel and Dr. Arun Kumar Pullela (Rashtriya Raksha University): ‘Emerging technologies’ that help in determining the guilt/innocence of the suspect in the absence of physical evidence
Discussant: Mr. Surya Prakash B S (DAKSH India)
2. Ms. Vrinda Bhandari (Independent Legal Practitioner): Use of AI in law enforcement
Discussant: Dr. J. R. Gaur (Rashtriya Raksha University)
3. Dr. J. R. Gaur, Ms. Prachi Kathane, Mr. Shakti Prakash, Ms. Anshu Singh (Rashtriya Raksha University): Forensics and Security
Discussant: Mr. Douglas Daniel (Rashtriya Raksha University)

17:45- 18:00: Closing remarks


December 2, 2021 @ 2:00 pm
December 2, 2022 @ 6:00 pm


Daksh CoE for Law and Technology