Cheque bounce study in the Indian court system

Cheque bounce study in the Indian court system

This project is examining cheque-bounce cases in district courts to understand the volume of such cases, their duration, the time taken at various stages of the cases, and the causes for delay. This project will contribute to the growing literature on demonstrating the use of quantitative approaches in solving systemic problems in the field of law and justice.

Using the data extracted from the text of orders/judgments and the data provided by e-courts, the project aims to construct a predictive model to estimate the duration of a cheque bounce case based on its characteristics. This econometric model paired with court level data aggregates on the volumes of cases and the prevalence of issues will give a solid foundation to objectively assess recommendations generally made to solve this problem and identify other interventions for efficiency gains.

Principal Investigator:
Professor Madaan J
Department of Management Studies

Mr. Devendra Damle

Nikhil Borwankar

Manish K Singh 
IIT, Roorkee

Mr. Karan Gulati
Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy